Why We Count it all Joy!


Dr. Stevens encourages us to continue to have joy even when times are hard. Scripture James 1:2-4 

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Matthew 24:37–42 We continue this morning the series “Sign of the Times—Understanding the Last Days”!  Today, the City Church—Northlake resumes taking that critical look at exactly what Jesus said....

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Matthew 24:3- This morning, City Church—Northlake takes a critical look at exactly what Jesus said about the “signs of the times” as the last days....

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This morning, the sermon Jesus Only... Jesus Always gives us the unparalleled look at the Lordship of our Savior… as well as, a more comprehensive look at the eternal and everlasting life of Jesus. For our country and world... we need Him NOW!

There's a reason and purpose God has you where you're currently at right now in life--your job, your roll in family, your placement in community. Like Esther and Mordicei of old, God positions you for greater influences and impact! He is yet in charge!
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Guest Speaker Pastor Roger Cheeks shared a power message encouraging use It's Our Turn. We got "Next". As long as we continute to have faith, look to the Lord, and trust God.

Life of a Servant Leader
For the Move of God we’re experiencing here at the City Church--Northlake, Servant Leadership will be an attribute and quality we all—from pastors to laypersons, must both have and demonstrate faithfully to impact and influence our city and nation!  
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Mark 1:9-11
Why is being water baptized important? Dr. Stevens explores this concept and provides a detailed and appealing answer to the importance of water baptism.

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Do you want to be healed? Dr. Stevens, expands on this question that Jesus asked the man with a 38 year infliction. What do you need to be delivered from? How long have you been waiting?

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