What Happens When You Obey The Word Of God? Part II


What will happen if you are obedient to God’s word? How will it improve your life? Dr. Stevens continues his powerful message on the importance of being obedient to God’s word and how it affects your life. Hebrews 4:12

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Matthew 24:37–42 We continue this morning the series “Sign of the Times—Understanding the Last Days”!  Today, the City Church—Northlake resumes taking that critical look at exactly what Jesus said....

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Matthew 24:3- This morning, City Church—Northlake takes a critical look at exactly what Jesus said about the “signs of the times” as the last days....

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This morning, the sermon Jesus Only... Jesus Always gives us the unparalleled look at the Lordship of our Savior… as well as, a more comprehensive look at the eternal and everlasting life of Jesus. For our country and world... we need Him NOW!

There's a reason and purpose God has you where you're currently at right now in life--your job, your roll in family, your placement in community. Like Esther and Mordicei of old, God positions you for greater influences and impact! He is yet in charge!
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Guest Speaker Pastor Roger Cheeks shared a power message encouraging use It's Our Turn. We got "Next". As long as we continute to have faith, look to the Lord, and trust God.

Life of a Servant Leader
For the Move of God we’re experiencing here at the City Church--Northlake, Servant Leadership will be an attribute and quality we all—from pastors to laypersons, must both have and demonstrate faithfully to impact and influence our city and nation!  
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Mark 1:9-11
Why is being water baptized important? Dr. Stevens explores this concept and provides a detailed and appealing answer to the importance of water baptism.

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Do you want to be healed? Dr. Stevens, expands on this question that Jesus asked the man with a 38 year infliction. What do you need to be delivered from? How long have you been waiting?

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