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How do you see the today’s church? As a Tabernacle, a friendly loving place, an assembly hall, the body of Christ? Or is it a place of skepticism, fraud, hurt, and superficiality? Dr. Stevens, shares Psalms 84:1-4 and elaborates on what the roles and purposes of God’s House are and how our attitudes and actions are affected… 

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Are you playing the game of life God's way or your own way? Are you managing your time properly, finding time to be with God and His Word? Are you making the necessary adjustments to continue progressing? ......

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So, who exactly is our "neighbor" we're supposed to LOVE and care for? This question was posed to Jesus and His answer was life-changing! Join this morning for lesson on LOVE—unconditional love, unmerited love and undeserved love! Let's Go!!!

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Dr. Stevens continues the Seeking the Lord series with a powerful message detailing how we should be a people that is purposed, in position, and prayed up like Daniel from the Old Testament...

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How important is it to have the right attitude in anything you do? Dr. Stevens explains that having the right attitude will not only take you far but will help you find favor with God....

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Dr. Stevens shares a message on the importance of the church seeking the Lord. He uses Daniel 6:3 and explains how a spirit of excellence was upon Daniel and it led him into favor and promotion.

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I Corinthians 11:23–26 (NIV) - Dr. Stevens delivers a message on the importance of having Holy Communion and how today's Church should honor it as a time of celebrating, commemorating, and commitment.

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