Excellence in Attitude!


Excellence in Attitude!: Beware of the Dangers of the Spirit of Laziness, Lack, and Spiritual Lethargy

How important is it to have the right attitude in anything you do? Dr. Stevens explains that having the right attitude will not only take you far but will help you find favor with God…. Genesis 4:1-5

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Life of a Servant Leader
For the Move of God we’re experiencing here at the City Church--Northlake, Servant Leadership will be an attribute and quality we all—from pastors to laypersons, must both have and demonstrate faithfully to impact and influence our city and nation!  
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Mark 1:9-11
Why is being water baptized important? Dr. Stevens explores this concept and provides a detailed and appealing answer to the importance of water baptism.

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Do you want to be healed? Dr. Stevens, expands on this question that Jesus asked the man with a 38 year infliction. What do you need to be delivered from? How long have you been waiting?

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Jeremiah 18:1-6 Minister Karr, delivers a message to encourage us to let go and let God. When we reach our limits and let go that is when God Steps in. If only we let God step in before our limits are reached.

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Luke 15:11-18 Dr. Stevens shares the parable of the Prodigal Son. He explores the choices the son made and reaction the father showed once the son returned home.....

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So, who exactly is our "neighbor" we're supposed to LOVE and care for? This question was posed to Jesus and His answer was life-changing! Join this morning for lesson on LOVE—unconditional love, unmerited love and undeserved love! Let's Go!!!

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Are you playing the game of life God's way or your own way? Are you managing your time properly, finding time to be with God and His Word? Are you making the necessary adjustments to continue progressing? ......

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