A Father's Love for times when i'm lost


Luke 15:11-18
Dr. Stevens shares the parable of the Prodigal Son. He explores the choices the son made and the reaction the father showed once the son returned home. God is that father that rejoices when we return back to him from our wayward ways….

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Look at Us - Giving the World Jesus, the Christ!

As with any changing of a season, there’s newness and freshness… With this new season and next chapter for the City Church-Northlake… A more intentional focus will be on Spiritual discipleship and formation! That is, Back to the BASICS for all!

Activating Gods Favor to Debt Free Living!

In 2024, I truly believe you can live your best life yet... there’s an anointing to both attract and activate God’s favor upon your life for debt-free living!  If you can behold it... you can become it!  Favor ain't fair... but its Kingdom Life in 2024!

The Cost of the Kingdom
If we’re going to live this Kingdom life in 2024, we have to aggressively attack the very things that have attacked us—doubt, debt and bad decisions!  Today, Jesus gives 5 Kingdom Principles for living the life that He intended for us to live.  Ready?
Faith for Kingdom Living in 2024!

Kingdom Living in 2024?   The influence and impact of the Christian believer that demonstrates dominion over sin, sickness, satanic oppression and poverty on earth… just as it is in heaven!   ...Not a suggestion, A COMMANDMENT! 

God's Miracles for Debt Elimination!
In this season of your life... God wants to perform MIRACLES for your debt elimination... that's Kingdom Living! ALL Things are possible to them that believe! In II Kings 6, something borrowed was loss... but God has a plan for miracles of recovery!
The King and His Kingdom
On this Christmas Eve morning… it is to our advantage to remember the very one reason for the season—two thousand years ago, a King was born into the world.  This King would as well concer a Kingdom upon you and I as His Saints!   What a gift! 
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Luke 12:29–32 (NKJV)
So, exactly how much do you really know about the Kingdom of God? Understand it? Preach it? Practice it? You're in good company! Let's Go... Let's Grow!

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